Seamlessly Connect Systems

No more individual silos that can't connect. The Knowledge Engine seamlessly connects your systems based on a shared domain language (ontology), even across organizations.

Knowledge is Power

Data is everywhere nowadays, and being able to efficiently & intelligently use this data is essential. The Knowledge Engine helps to combine information in a smart way across multiple information systems from different vendors and organizations, without using a centralized database. This creates meaningful knowledge exchange, fueling supply chains, networks, and other collaborations. Thereby enabling users to make sound analyses and decisions from an overarching perspective.

Pros of the Knowledge Engine

As opposed to other interoperable solutions, the Knowledge Engine supports:

Distributed Networks

Share data not only within but also outside your organisation.

Data at the Source

Data is stored at the source, not in a single central server that is susceptible to failure.

Control Your Own Data

You decide which data you want to share, and which data to keep secret.

Interactive Question-Answering

Not only can you ask questions and receive answers, you can also react based on new data that becomes available.


Intelligently combine data to get new insights.


The network automatically discovers and takes into account new knowledge bases.

The Knowledge Engine is open source and has successful applications in the agrifood, defence, smart homes and energy domains.

Want to know more? Checkout our GitHub repository and the related TNO webpage.