In a world where business information is stored in silos that can't connect, especially when the information is spread out across different systems and organizations, the Knowledge Engine seamlessly connects your systems based on a shared domain language (ontology).

This allows us to combine information in a smart way across multiple information systems from different vendors and organizations, without using a centralized database. Thereby, meaningful knowledge exchange is created, fueling supply chains, networks, and other collaborations. Sound analyses and decisions can be made from an overarching perspective.

And from this combination of knowledge from different sources, new knowledge can be derived!

The Knowledge Engine is a distributed semantic interoperability solution with reasoning support. Knowledge bases are connected using smart connectors, who exchange knowledge based on a shared domain ontology. It distinguishes itself from other interoperable solutions by keeping data at the source as much as possible, supporting both publish-subscribe and question answering interactions, and automatically discovering and taking into account of new knowledgebases.

The Knowledge Engine is open source and has successful applications in the agrifood, defence, smart homes and energy domains.

Also see the Knowledge Engine GitHub repository and related TNO webpage.