The Knowledge Engine has been applied in many different domains including horticulture, agrifood, energy and defense. Some notable projects in which the Knowledge Engine has been used are:

  • InterConnect: Optimising energy grid usage based on homeowners' demands and energy tariffs.
  • Ploutos: Providing transparency into farms' sustainability practices by providing information to customers and auditors
  • MAGPIE: Enabling green port related transport by combining data from route planning and energy availability.
  • TDI: Reducing carbon emissions by accelerating the installation of heat pumps in the Netherlands through data exchange between industry partners, users and the scientific community.
  • HortivationHub: Connecting various data sources in and around greenhouses using the Common Greenhouse Ontology to support greenhouse builders in designing and constructing greenhouses and growers in making informed decisions on growing and climate strategies.
  • CODIT: Coupling of digital twins in the greenhouse to improve decision making about crop strategy, climate control and plant development.